38 Thanksgiving guests fit in our timeshare!

This year my family had such a memorable Thanksgiving holiday thanks to our stay at our timeshare resort in Orlando, Florida. Back in February I decided it would be a great idea to get our entire family together for a vacation. My goal was to have my mom and my sister there because they live in different states, but the plans just kept growing and growing and eventually we ended up having 38 family members (spanning four generations!) coming together in six different rooms.

As the “official” vacation planner, I created three family newsletters before the trip with information and pictures of the resort, a summary of on-site activities, and even tips for packing and check-in. To prepare for the big feast, each one of our families signed up to bring an item or two and I put together a Thanksgiving menu. After months of hard work and planning, I stood in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day watching my family before dinner and I cried tears of joy.

The associates at our resort were amazing, even helping us to get two tables in our dining room and porch so that we could all eat together. It was such a gift to have the whole family come together. My mom turned 80 in 2013, and I have already begun planning our next family vacation at the resort. There are just so many activities for everyone, I only wish we had more time.

I’m so glad I can share my vacation ownership with my family. As I sit here writing this I’m starting to cry again, I’m still that emotional over it!

— Sharon Grupe

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