5 Apps That Will Change the Way You Vacation

Technology is quickly becoming a cornerstone in society. Everything from ordering meals to paying bills has become more efficient through smartphones. While vacationing is a great way to escape and recharge, the surge in a technologically facilitated lifestyle begs the question – are there better ways to vacation?

Check out these top apps that are making everything from navigating to packing to exploring easier and more exciting.

  1. Cool Cousin (Free)

Top travelers will be the first to tell you that the best way to experience a new destination is by taking advice from ‘the locals’. This app goes one step ahead and connects you with locals in your destination area who serve as your own personal tour guide. Create your own profile and message insiders to get the best local scoop and download local city guides!

Available on the Apple App Store.

  1. Streetography (Free)

This app gives users a unique street view alternative to traditional map viewing. Exploring cities, towns and tourist destinations through the photographs of others who have ventured there before has never been easier. You can see cities through the eyes of real people, and you can even add your own images to the map!

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

  1. PlanChat (Free)

Thinking of planning the perfect girlfriend getaway or a family reunion, but can’t seem to nail down plan details? This app is the all-in-one trip planning lifesaver that operates like a group chat. Invite family members or friends to join your trip and discuss everything from flight plans, dinner reservations, to expense splitting. You can even plan for future adventures by utilizing the flight price scanning feature which ensures you get the best deals available. And that’s not all. The app includes a poll feature that can help your group make decisions easily and quickly over the app, SMS and even email!

Available on the Apple App Store.

  1. Packing Pro ($)

Whether you are going on a solo getaway or planning your annual family vacation, packing can become a daunting task. Nothing is worse than reaching your destination, ready for relaxation, and realizing you have forgotten something. This app is perfect for keeping track of even the most complex packers while also helping optimize your list for the weather, your destination and your family members. Share your list with family and friends to ensure that everyone is packing what they need to and assign trip responsibility. The app goes one step further and helps predict luggage weight, monetary value and more to help ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy your getaway!

Available on the Apple App Store.

  1. Venmo (Free)

Traveling can get expensive quickly, especially when traveling with friends, couples and families. Venmo is a basic yet effective app that allows you to send, or request money from other users. Venmo is easy to use and it’s secure. This app makes splitting checks and paying for meals, or activities as simple as clicking a few buttons. You can link your credit cards, debit cards and even bank accounts up to the app, and then cash out your balance at your convenience, to help keep track of your finances and your spending!

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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