5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Timeshare Vacation

Have you ever gone on vacation, opened up your suitcase and realized you forgot something?  Figuring out what to bring can sometimes make or break your vacation.

Whether a winter vacation means outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding or sledding or playing family games huddled together around a fire, take a few minutes to make a list of items that would help make your vacation great.

For timeshare vacationers, a packing list is about creating a cozy atmosphere for your entire family! Here are five items to add to your suitcase:

  • Slippers. Slip your feet into a comfortable pair of slippers on lazy mornings or after a tiring day of outdoor activities. It instantly makes your timeshare feel like home!
  • Robe. It’s easy to forget a robe but it adds such a cozy touch when you tuck it into your bag…
  • Favorite spices. Most timeshare kitchens have the basic spices, but bringing a few of your favorites mean you have them if you need them – whether it’s nutmeg for egg nog or cinnamon for French toast. Put a tablespoon of each in a Ziploc bag – it takes up very little space!
  • Freshly brewed coffee. Adding a bag of ground coffee to a corner of your suitcase will surely make you happy the morning after you arrive!  It will save you from making a trip to the grocery store when you first get there.
  • Favorite book. Timeshare accommodations usually mean quiet space for everyone.  Take advantage of the time and space to get into that book that has been laying on your nightstand for weeks. Just don’t forget to pack it!


What is on your list of “must-haves” to take on your winter vacation with you?  www.vacationbetter.org

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