Can You Really Unplug on Vacation?

Taking a vacation doesn’t just help you relax and recharge—it also offers many other health benefits that can foster your success in the workplace. But can you really stop checking email when you step away from the office?  Employers are finding it increasingly more difficult to get employees to take their much-deserved time off. Even more alarming, employers are finding that a vacation alone isn’t enough to get their employees (and that inbox).

To solve this problem, many companies are starting a new trend of disabling, or suspending work email accounts while their employees are on vacations. This is an option that allows employers to manage when and how frequently their employees are receiving communication while away, and encourages employees to enjoy their vacation, worry-free.

While this popular trend is just beginning, unplugging on vacation is becoming simpler than you think!

Here a few tips to help you put down that phone and enjoy the perfect vacation:

Turn off push notifications. Instead of being alerted every time there is an incoming message, enjoy a buzz-free vacation with family or friends.

Delete your mail applications. Deleting the Gmail, Outlook, or other mail apps from your phone prevents the temptation to check email. Simply redownload it once you’re back from your trip and feeling refreshed!

Automate an email response. Setting an automated response that includes the dates of your travel and who to contact in your absence gives you the peace of mind that you are not falling behind at work. With your emails on forward to a team member or coworker to help manage your workload, everything will continue to operate smoothly while you’re gone!

Turn off your phone. The easiest and most effective way to take advantage of your vacation is to be present. Embrace every moment fully – don’t miss what you took time off to enjoy.

Try this approach the next time you travel and see even greater benefits to your vacation!

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