Capturing the Moment


One of the best parts of going a vacation is remembering the good times you had—whether reminiscing with family, scrolling through the pictures on your phone, or posting an album online. But making sure you capture the most precious moments of the trip can be a challenge. With everything going on, what do you immortalize and what do you forgo?

While you can’t capture everything aspect of your vacation on film, remember to keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Focus on people, not just the landscape.
  • Don’t forget the group shot!
  • Be sure to notice the details, such as wildlife, food, lodging, weather, or local residents.
  • Capture candid moments that tell a story.
  • Use an object to help document the journey.
  • Take a step back and capture the whole picture.

And when you get back, don’t forget to enhance! There are a number of apps, such as Adobe Photoshop Express (available on Apple and Android), that allow you to enhance your pictures before sharing with others.

But most of all, don’t forget to put your camera down every once in a while. Sometimes it’s more important to live in the moment, taking a picture with your memory and experiencing YOUR vacation. After all, it’s the memories that should last a lifetime.

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