21 Snaps That Serve Up Ultimate Outfit Inspiration For Your Next #Vacation
If you’re counting down the days until you jet off to an island and you’re about to whip out your suitcase, we rounded up the most gorgeous — and smartest! — outfit inspiration from our favorite fashion influencers and bloggers, so you

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The millennials are coming. Or rather, they are traveling. The United Nations estimates that 20 percent of all international tourists these days are young people. This translates to 200 million travelers.

Younger travelers are looking for—and getting—new types of travel, and they’re making big changes. Here’s how.

Travel can be a great learning experience. Asking your kids to help research and execute arrangements on a future trip can be an even better one.

Learning about actual costs involved in the average family vacation can be an eye-opener for kids. By planning all or part of the trip, kids can gain an understanding of how to bargain hunt, budget and save money.

Your summer vacation may cost you a bundle—and yet much of the fun comes now, before any money is spent.

That’s one of the insights from the academic research into money and happiness. Thanks to that research, we have a pretty good handle on how to squeeze more pleasure out of the dollars we spend. Want a great summer vacation? Try these nine strategies.