Election Stressing You Out? Here’s a Great Way to Escape ‘Election Stress Disorder’

Has this election season left you feeling down? Depressed? Anxious? Well you’re not alone.  In fact, the American Psychological Association found that more than half of U.S. adults, regardless of party, felt very or somewhat stressed by the election —which puts it in line with other major life stressors, such as the economy, money or work.

It has gotten so bad that Steven Stosny, a therapist in suburban Washington D.C., has even characterized what he’s seeing in his patients as “Election Stress Disorder.

One great way to help you feel better during this stressful time is to step back, take a deep breath and PLAN YOUR NEXT VACATION!

Simply beginning to plan a vacation can take your mind off of the stressors bringing you down.  Instead of focusing on the negatives surrounding this election, use your day to whisk yourself away to a better place. There is a world of options out there just waiting to be explored!

We know that taking vacations are proven to be good for a person’s health. There have been numerous studies that show vacations lower stress levels and decrease depression.   Take some time to plan one and knowing that you have a vacation to look forward to can help you overcome Election Stress Disorder.

And just think – it’s almost over!

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