Enjoy the Vacation Planning Process


Sometimes when you’re going on vacation, you want to know exactly when and where you’re going—and what you’ll be doing while you’re there. Other times, you want to leave on a whim and try something completely new. It’s a world of options out there, and sometimes just the act of planning your next trip can be as much fun (or even more so!) than the trip itself.

Why? Because when you’re planning a trip, anything is possible.

There are no delayed flights or long lines—only sandy beaches and fancy cocktails, open slopes and Broadway shows. When you’re planning your next vacation, the possibilities are endless and your imagination can run wild while creating the perfect holiday package.

When planning a timeshare vacation, many owners recommend planning – and booking – your trip well in advance, which may seem stressful or daunting. But good news! According to a study featured in this New York Times blog, some of the highest-ranked happiness levels vacationers experience actually happen during the anticipation of the next trip. Why? Because it’s the dreaming and planning of your vacation that creates those instant happy thoughts.

So don’t dread planning your next vacation—embrace it! Start dreaming of your next getaway and enjoy the benefits of the vacation before, during and after you take it.

Remember, it’s YOUR vacation, when and where you want it.

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