Five Reasons YOU Need a Vacation


A recent article in the MindBodyGreen newsletter reminds us why we all need to take a vacation.  Sure, it can be tough – work gets busy and budgets get tight – but it’s critical for your overall health and well-being.

The five reasons:

  1. Your stress will dramatically reduce.

When you’re in the midst of all the stresses and pressures of work, it’s hard to see things clearly or rationally. Taking a break for a day or more will help give you perspective on the role of your job within your life.

  1. Your concentration at work will improve.

Taking a vacation improves your effectiveness and concentration throughout the rest of the year. When you take time to unwind from your everyday stresses, you’ll return to your job with more confidence and ready to face your work-related challenges with a clearer, cooler head.

  1. You’ll find an increase in your overall job satisfaction.

Knowing that your employer appreciates the importance of your personal time makes you feel valued. When Richard Branson announced unlimited vacation days for his staff, it served as an example that time away from the office can lead to better teamwork and boost employee morale.

Work becomes more of a collaborative effort when every employee is prepared take on the roles of those who are not in the office. This act of karma is balanced when those roles are reversed and it’s another employee’s turn to take some vacation time. When an employer instills a policy that makes the employees feel valued, that policy is honored instead of abused.

  1. You’re reminded that family time is important.

Dealing with your partner and/or children after a hard day’s work can be exhausting. But when you take time away from the grind you’re given back that important time to bond, relax and grow as a family. Just make sure you plan a vacation where it’s easy for everyone to enjoy themselves!

  1. Your health will improve.

Taking a vacation is good for your health. The New York Times reported that those who take less than one vacation every two years are more likely to suffer from depression and burnout. Moreover, those who fail to take annual vacations have a 21% higher risk of death and were 32% more likely to die of a heart attack.


Timeshare vacations are a great way to ensure that you take your vacation since they are pre-paid, easy to plan and offer a variety of travel options.

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