Girlfriend Getaways Are Good For Your Health

The trend of women vacationing together has exploded in recent years because there are more career women with expendable income who are taking charge of their own vacation plans. They are busy, stressed out and tired from the multiple roles they perform at work and at home—and are looking for vacations with their like-minded girlfriends to pamper themselves and leave behind the stresses of daily obligations. No offense guys, but the girls deserve their own getaway, too!

two women relaxing in chairs

Going on vacation with girlfriends is about much more than simply having fun. “It offers huge benefits,” says Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness. “Medical studies show that the bond between women is critical to emotional and physical health,” Lombardo says.

The nature of how women interact with each other also has a lot to do with why vacations with your girlfriends are so healing. “Women share a confidential kind of talk when they are uninterrupted and free from daily responsibilities,” says Deborah Tannen, PhD, professor of linguistics at Georgetown University and author of You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation.

The travel industry has recognized the demand for vacation experiences that cater to you and your girlfriends by offering more options than ever before—look no further than timeshare resorts. More and more timeshare destinations have expanded activities to offer experienced-based packages such as spa packages, wine tastings, cooking classes, fitness retreats, even nutrition and wellness sessions. Any timeshare owner will say they love the intimacy and space that vacation products provide. There is enough room for everyone to relax, as well as a kitchen and dining table to share meals and conversations together.

Family vacations are great, but time away with your closest friends is an emotional necessity too. Think about getting away with your girlfriends to heal your inner self with good friends, good conversations, and good times.

For more ideas on how to plan a girlfriend getaway, see our Girlfriend Getaway Guide (PDF), which is packed with tips on how to plan your dream getaway with your friends.

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