Have Enough Winter Yet?

Plan Your Next Vacation to Shake Those Winter Blues

March 2, 2011

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2011 – From Boston to the Carolinas to snow in Dallas during the Super Bowl, this season has been one of the coldest, snowiest and most difficult winters in recent years. For Americans who want to escape this season, there is good news from a study that shows how vacationing can have a positive impact on your quality of life.

A recent study conducted by the Applied Research Quality of Life shows that a vacation starts the day you begin planning it. And one of the biggest mood boosters you get from a vacation is planning it.

“We encourage everyone to take the time to think about – and plan – your next vacation,” says Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). “Planning a tropical beach vacation or a week in the mountains will help to cure those winter blues many of us feel this time of year.”

Planning a vacation is not only an important logistical step, it helps psychologically as well. Taking the time to ensure that the location is right and the amenities that you want are available alleviates stress when you arrive at your destination.

One type of vacation to consider is vacationing with timeshare. “We recognize that while most people may wake up and think about vacation, they may not be thinking about a timeshare vacation,” said Nusbaum. However, with more than 5,000 resorts located in over 100 different countries, a timeshare vacation may be ideally suited for many families and vacationers especially because many resorts offer rental packages as a way to test out the product. Timeshare resorts offer convenience and high quality amenities with the luxury of a top-notch resort and the comforts of home. Vacationers can eat in or dine out, have their own bedroom and bathroom and not feel restricted by the parameters of traditional hotel rooms.

Travelers are encouraged to visit www.VacationBetter.org to learn more about the benefits of vacationing with timeshare.

About ARDA:
The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) is the Washington D.C.-based professional association representing the vacation ownership and resort development industries.  Established in 1969, ARDA today has over 1,000 members ranging from privately held firms to publicly traded companies and international corporations with expertise in shared ownership interests in leisure real estate.  The membership also includes timeshare owner associations (HOAs), resort management companies, and owners through the ARDA Resort Owners Coalition (ARDA-ROC). For more information, visit www.arda.org or ARDA’s consumer website at www.VacationBetter.org.

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