Holiday Travel Isn’t Stressful to Timeshare Owners

Holiday travel tends to stress people out, and it’s this time of year that usually tops the list of aggravations–but not for timeshare owners.  What’s their secret?  Owners who use their timeshare during the Holidays look forward to all the comforts of home, but better because they’re staying in a resort.  There are no surprises when you get to the room, and timeshare accommodations allow for all family members to have the space they need to unwind.

And for resorts, the Holidays are a great way to welcome back families that return year after year.  Timeshare families not only look forward to spending time with each other, but with their extended resort families!

Here are a few special touches that some resorts offer their guests throughout the holidays:

  • Fully-stocked refrigerators
  • Concierge services
  • Outdoor activities such as sleigh rides, tree lighting and roasting marshmallows
  • Themed extravaganzas such as gingerbread decorating contests
  • Holiday menus and specialty food baskets

Whether it’s a warm climate or a winter retreat, timeshare owners enjoy the spacious yet homey vacation-feel that only timeshare can provide—without family members feeling cramped for space to relax. From California and Arizona to Colorado and Florida, timeshare resorts across the country are rolling out the sleighs and cooking up the turkeys to help guests have fantastic, memorable holidays.

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