How Many Days of Vacation Did You Leave in 2015?

As we wrap up another year, many of us begin to think about what we might do better next year – to get healthier, spend more time with our families, or even just be more relaxed.   There’s one resolution we can all make that should be easy to do.  Take your vacation time!  All of it.  You’ve earned it and you deserve it!

But, that’s not happening.  According to’s Vacation Deprivation study, Americans were given 15 days off this year, but the only took 11.  This is even worse than 2014.  We are not moving in the right direction.  In fact, 53% of Americans feel they are “somewhat or very” vacation deprived; understandable, as Americans take about half the number of vacation days as their peers worldwide.

But, when looking at timeshare owners, it’s a different story.  A recent survey of over 1,000 vacationers conducted for the American Resort Development Association (ARDA)* by research group Leger shows that an impressive one third of timeshare owners took four or more vacations in the last three years, compared to only 18 percent of non-owners.

They are taking their vacations because they are pre-paid, they are easy to plan and owners know when they arrive at their resort destination, they will have a great vacation.  So, in 2016 make it a priority to use all of your vacation time.  And learn more about timeshare as a better way to vacation.

* 2015 Leger omnibus survey

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