Love to Travel? Win a Weekend Getaway!

Remember that Cadillac ad in this year’s Super Bowl? The guy asks the question, “Why do we work so hard?” Then he razzes Europeans for taking so much vacation and lists some hard-working Americans who changed the world.

It ends with him unplugging his $75,000 ELR hybrid coupe in front of his awesome house and reminding us that the upside of all that work is the “stuff” it buys.

Whether you loved that ad or hated it, it’s clear somebody hasn’t been reading Forbes or the New York Times.

Because for at least a decade now, there’s new research every two or three years that comes to the same conclusion: Experiences, not things, make us happy.

Based on all that data (and actually more), it’s pretty safe to say that travel makes us happy. Because really, what better way to pick up new experiences than through travel?

So if someone asked you, “What does travel mean to you?” what would you say?

Your answer could win you an all-expenses-paid weekend getaway anywhere in the United States courtesy of the U.S. Travel Association. In honor of National Travel & Tourism Week (May 3-11), U.S. Travel is asking, “What does travel mean to you?” You can answer by submitting a short video statement by May 11.

They’re calling it the “What’s Your Travel Effect?” contest, and you can get all the official info here.

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The fact is, Americans do work hard. We have one of the longest workweeks of any industrialized country. And yes, work earns money, and money really can add to our happiness. But not through more and more stuff.

Work hard and get that car you’ve always wanted. Then take some time off, take it on the road and get back to your Travel Effect. Because the experiences and the memories we gain with travel don’t come with a limited four-year/50,000-mile warranty—they last a lifetime.

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