More Space Leads to a Better Vacation

Having a Kitchen and a Separate Living Area Greatly Improves the Quality of a Vacation

Timeshare vacations provide families with fantastic trips throughout the world, but there’s one thing that may get overlooked: all the extra space that’s available. In comparison to the cramped quarters of a hotel room, a timeshare provides the extra and necessary space for your family to spread out—for both time together and time alone.

In fact, this has been proven in a recent study from ARDA and conducted by Leger, which showed that 89 percent of respondents who had a kitchen on their last vacation said it improved their vacation experience, while 87 percent said that having a separate living area also led to a better vacation.

The kitchen and separate living area aren’t just making vacations better because they provide more space, but because the travelers are actually using them to their advantage.  Fifty percent said that they used their kitchen every day during their trip, while fifty eight percent used the separate living area every day. This helped traveling families create a better, stress-free vacation.

Having an in-unit kitchen can help you save money and eat healthier on your next vacation by:

  • Cooking family meals instead of dinning out for every meal
  • Having the ability to prepare healthy snacks for your day on-the-go
  • Allowing you to store any leftovers in the fridge for a later meal
  • Using the fridge so that you can buy, store and use local ingredients in your meal

Having a kitchen in your resort is fantastic for those who love to cook and want to stay healthy, while an extra living area is perfect for traveling families, especially those with young kids, because they allow for:

  • Family game time
  • A place for the kids to watch television, while the adults can enjoy some grown-up time
  • Uninterrupted downtime. While the kids are still awake and playing in the extra living area, the parents can take a nap or read in the separate bedroom, re-charging for another day of fun

The results from this survey are clear, having an in-unit kitchen and an extra living space in your resort can vastly improve your vacation. So, the next time you are thinking about traveling be sure to consider timeshare!

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