National Travel and Tourism Week Helps Promote the Importance of Travel

Many of us are likely familiar with the frequently touted (and research-proven) positive effects of travel on our work performance, relationships and personal well-being. But, with all the national conversation about creating and keeping good American jobs, how much thought do we give to travel’s economic power in our lives?

It certainly deserves our attention. Travel is a top-10 employer in 49 states and the District of Columbia. The travel industry played a major role in America’s economic recovery post-recession—and now, travel is our country’s number one service export, accounting for 11.2 percent of all U.S. exports in 2016. The U.S. travel industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has recovered far faster than other economic sectors since 2008. Spending by travelers everywhere in the U.S., which currently totals over $947 billion annually, supports 15.3 million American jobs. That’s one in nine Americans whose employment depends upon plenty of travelers moving to and within the U.S.

The travel industry is one that relies on human interaction—whether it’s the front desk clerk at a resort, the tour guide in a historic district or the people that make your timeshare resort run.

That’s why, as part of National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) 2017, May 7-13, the timeshare community is helping to unite and celebrate what travel means to American jobs, economic growth and personal well-being.

This year’s NTTW is more than just another campaign. It’s a movement that positions the travel industry as a primary driver in the U.S. economy and an important part of our daily lives.

While all travel is important, vacations make up a huge portion of the industry.  In fact, nearly four out of five domestic trips taken in 2016 were for leisure purpose, which resulted in the direct spending of over $683 billion and generated $106.4 in tax revenue. And we know that timeshare is an important component of these numbers.

If you have yet to think of becoming a timeshare owner, the NTTW should help to persuade you.  Just look at current timeshare owners—unlike families that are constantly stressed about trying to plan a vacation when they can, owning a timeshare ensures that you and your family take a vacation each and every year.  And with destinations all across the U.S., there are limitless places to visit!


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