Point. Shoot. Click.


You don’t need to be an expert photographer to take awesome vacation pictures. And you definitely don’t need a fancy camera to capture the moment. In fact, anyone can immortalize their precious vacation memories, all you have to do is keep a few of these photo composition techniques in mind:

  • Change your perspective. Try changing the angle of your picture, from high up or down low, to make the picture more interesting. Different angles or distances completely change the impact of the picture.
  • Fill the frame. Rather than have a bunch of “extra stuff” in your picture, zoom in on what really matters to eliminate any distractions from the picture’s subject.
  • Look for lines. Natural curves or diagonal lines naturally lead the eye, creating movement in the image.
  • Pick the right format. Horizontal or vertical – it matters which one you choose!
  • Place your center of interest. Typically, you want to put the focus of the picture in the center of the image, but don’t forget to try the rule of thirds whenever possible.
  • Can you frame it? Look for natural or man-made objects to include in your photo. They can be to the side, top or bottom of the viewfinder and partially surround the object which helps to create focus.
  • Create Depth. By composing a pictures with objects at several distances from the camera, you create a path or direction for the eye to follow.
  • Keep it balanced. Photos will look lopsided if there is a lot of subject matter on one side of the photo.


But keep in mind, when capturing the moment, sometimes it’s when you put the camera down that the greatest vacation moments happen.

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