Size Does Matter

When it comes to enjoying your vacation, how important are the accommodations?

Cramming your family into a 350 square foot hotel room is probably not your idea of paradise. If you’re looking for something a little more comfortable, maybe it’s time to think about a timeshare vacation.

With timeshare, accommodations will be vastly different from a typical hotel room. In fact, you’ll have space for togetherness…and space for privacy. Sixty-one percent of all timeshare units are two-bedrooms and all have living rooms and kitchens! Ninety-one percent of vacationers said they are happier on vacation with a kitchen. Think about it, no more rushing around to get everyone out to dinner or breakfast…a definite money and stress saver.

Timeshare units range from 700 square feet for a one-bedroom unit to 1,160 square feet for two-bedrooms and up to 1,590 square feet for a three-bedroom. This is four and a half times the size of your average hotel room!

So, if you are vacationing with family or friends and want to spend time cooking together, hanging out and enjoying each other’s company while still having your own private bedroom at night, a timeshare vacation may be just what you’ve been looking for.


Size Does Matter