Solving the “Beach House Dilemma”

My husband and I became members of our timeshare club while visiting one of our favorite places—New York City. For us, membership resolved the potential “beach house dilemma” of vacationing in the same place year after year. Our passion was to explore new places and discover new cultures.

Our love of travel had begun when our family lived in Luxembourg for four years. It was one of those experiences that stayed with us forever, and as the years moved on, it became a desire of ours to create new memories with our two oldest grandsons. So, when they were nine and 11 years old, we decided to take them on a trip through Europe.

Our first European destination was London. We stayed at our timeshare resort for the first week of our two-week adventure and enjoyed every aspect of our vacation. The second week brought us to Brussels and Paris. We loved showing the boys the neighborhood their father had lived in, and we were enormously surprised at our resort in Luxembourg—it was so spacious and beautiful.

The city of Paris never fails to endear itself to travelers, but, while our grandsons were thrilled with the Louvre and the stunning scenery, they were most impressed with our accommodations—located right next door to the Eiffel Tower!

Throughout our vacation, our grandsons loved listening and learning from the different city guides, and got a thrill from sampling new and exotic foods—like the moules in Luxembourg, hot chocolate in Paris, and traditional European breakfasts everywhere.

Although my husband and I had spent many years in Europe before, traveling with our grandsons was particularly special. Back then, we couldn’t afford upscale hotels or the simple indulgences of a family vacation, so nothing feels better than being able to share the benefits of our club membership with our family and loved ones … for years to come.

–Phyllis Hopkins

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