Taking Your Vacation Days Makes You More Likely to Earn a Raise

Workers are finally taking action after years of hearing about all the benefits associated with vacationing – better health, better relationships and relaxing times. It has taken a while, but for the first time since 2000 American workers have increased the number of vacation days they take in a year, according to Project: Time Off’s 2017 State of the American Vacation Study.. Now that workers are starting to use more of their vacation days, they see yet another benefit they never expected – they are more likely to earn a raise.

That’s right, those who vacation more are more likely to get a raise.

Although this seems backwards, there is some logic and facts to back this up. In a different report by Project: Time Off, the vast majority (84%) of managers agree that when employees take time off, they return to work with improved focus and creativity. In addition, time off makes it easier to ask employees to log extra hours at critical moments, when extra help is really needed. Not to mention, vacations help make a person happier, and managers view happier employees as more productive employees.

So, why are we still not using all of our vacation days? Most workers feel that there is still a negative stigma associated with taking a vacation. They presume that most managers would prefer employees to dedicate all of their time doing their job instead of say relaxing on an island – but this isn’t the case.

In fact, according to Deloitte Consulting CEO Jim Moffatt, relaxation can turn your standard employee into an exceptional one. He states “You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you’re unplugged—and what you’re able to accomplish when you plug back in.”

Now that you know that vacations could lead to earning a raise at your job, it’s time to continue the trend and take more vacation days. One of the simplest ways of accomplishing this is by planning ahead.

When comparing workers who planned ahead to non-planners, 52 percent of workers who say they set aside time each year to plan out their vacation days took all their time off, compared to just 40 percent of non-planners.

One of the best ways to plan a yearly vacation is to own a timeshare, which guarantees that you enjoy a vacation at least once a year. And with locations in over 120 different countries, timeshare vacations provide the perfect location for anyone to unplug from work.

So, start planning now.  You could make more money because of it.

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