The Best Ideas Are Born on Vacation

What do Instagram, Starbucks and the Broadway hit Hamilton have in common?

They were all ideas that were born on vacation!

And there’s a reason for that. According to Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, while on vacation a person is “freed from the daily stresses of working life, it is more likely to have new insights into old problems and other flashes of inspiration you may have never thought of.”

Workers take vacations to get away from their 9 to 5 jobs, but traveling can also inspire, stimulate and encourage new ideas. Take it from these unbelievably successful businesses that stemmed from vacations, according Project: Time Off:

  • Instagram, the image-sharing app with 500 million users, came to fruition while founder Kevin Systrom and his now wife, Nicole, were walking on the beachin Mexico. Back in San Francisco, Systrom and his team struggled to revive a failing location-based app, so he probed the subject with Nicole during their stroll. She said, “I don’t want to take photos, because my photos don’t look good.” After explaining how filter apps helped enhance some of the photos posted, she said, “Well, you should probably add filters then.” Systrom calls it a true “eureka moment” that transformed never-heard-of Burbn to Instagram.
  • Dropbox, the file hosting and sharing site, started as a simple idea that founder Drew Houston had while traveling. He was trying to get in a few more hours of work done on the bus from Boston to New York City, but as he opened his laptop to get started, he realized he forgot the USB with the code he needed to work on. To make the most of it, he started building the code to access files over the web and, thus, Dropbox was born.
  • Starbucks became what we know it as today when CEO Howard Schultz was attending a conference in Italy and added some extra time to his trip to take in the culture. On a day trip to Verona, Schultz noticed the craftsmanship and reverence at each coffee shop. “In each shop I visited I began to see the same people and interactions, and it dawned on me that what these coffee bars had created, aside from the romance and theater of coffee, was a morning ritual and a sense of community,” Schultz shared in a company news release. “I left Italy absolutely energized by the culture. I couldn’t wait to sit down with the two remaining founders of Starbucks and tell them, ‘We’ve got to do this.’”
  • Hamilton, the Tony-winning Broadway show was created by Lin Manuel Miranda when the idea came to him on a vacation in Mexico. Miranda said that it was “no accident that the best idea I’ve ever had in my life—perhaps the best one I’ll ever have in my life—came to me on vacation.”

Being on vacation, and freed from their daily work duties, inspired these people to create million, and billion, dollar ideas. And now it can be your turn by ensuring that you use your vacation days and travel the globe – you could be the next to have your own billion-dollar company. And one of the best, easiest ways to assure a vacation each year is to invest in timeshare, which will make vacationing year-in and year-out a guarantee – and with locations in over 120 different countries who knows what will inspire your brilliant idea.

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