The Gift of Time: Starting New Traditions


The holiday season is upon us. The time of year when your home is filled with cheer, laughter and family – unless of course you are the one hosting!  Your once ideal holiday is now anything but stress free; you have to cook, clean and entertain for your guests non-stop. And on top of all that, you have to think of the perfect gift for each of your loved ones, a daunting task in itself.

Maybe this year it’s time to start a new holiday tradition.  Picture how relaxing a vacation during the holiday season could be! And with most people off work around the holidays, it’s a perfect time for a getaway.  So, instead of spending money on lots of small gifts, consider a holiday vacation and give your family the gift of time together and memories to cherish.

But before you go booking your trip, make sure you don’t “treat” your family to a cramped room where the bed is not only for sleeping, but for eating and watching TV. Remember you want a stress-free holiday with loved ones, not a potentially more stressful holiday due to cramped quarters.  Not to mention, there is no space to cook Grandma’s famous holiday meals.

Fortunately, there is a way to travel during the holidays, without losing out on some of your favorite traditions – timeshare.  A timeshare vacation offers multiple rooms so that family members can stay in the holiday spirit without stepping on each other’s toes…literally!  Timeshares also provide a fully-equipped kitchen so your family can still have those favored holiday dishes.

Once you see just how great it is to get away for a holiday, you and your family may just make this an annual tradition.  So, this year be sure to give the gift of time and start a new tradition that your family will enjoy and remember for years to come.

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