The Non-Vacation Policy


You may have heard the buzz around Richard Branson, owner and founder of The Virgin Group, and his wild ideas about workplace vacation policies…or the lack there of. After his daughter first told him about the online streaming mogul, Netflix’s vacation “non-policy,” it didn’t take long for Branson to institute something similar in his own company.

That means Virgin Group employees can:

  • Take as much time off as they want, whenever they want.
  • Do not need to seek approval from managers ahead of time.
  • Do not have to record or report any of the time they take.

In an interview with CNN, Branson said, “The amount of holidays people are given in the States is dreadful. How can you find time to get to know your children if you’re working with the very little holiday time you’re given?”

Plus, it’s been shown that traveling kids are smarter kids. All the more reason to get out of the office and on the road with your family!

Could this be a new trend among employers? Are we going to start seeing a shift in the American vacation mindset?

While that remains to be seen, not all of us are lucky enough to work somewhere with a vacation non-policy like Branson’s. And policy or no, vacation time means nothing if you’re not using it! So invest in yourself, use the days you DO have, and make a point to take a vacation every year. You and every other American deserve it.

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