Timeshare: Closer to Home

For our thirtieth wedding anniversary, my husband wanted to take our family to Hawaii. Reservations had been planned, with confirmation on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, when, unfortunately, the economy turned worse. The cost for air travel had nearly tripled. Family members agreed that it was just not wise to splurge over our budget. We contacted our timeshare company, and our week in Hawaii was reluctantly relinquished to exchange for something closer to home—Breckenridge, Colorado.

It was a beautiful summer vacation for the two grandparents, son, daughter, their spouses, and two infant grandsons. It would likely be the last time for many years we would all be able to schedule a vacation together. Father and daughter enjoyed a hot air balloon ride of a lifetime, and part of the family went on an exciting whitewater raft trip.

Knowing all too well how quickly families grow, health declines, and loved ones leave us, this time together was a wonderful chance to bond and make happy memories.

Exchanging our time-share from Hawaii, closer to home, was a better choice for us to enjoy our family vacation—change of plans and all!

–Andrea Kuhn

The vacation was worth our long drive

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time vacationing with timeshare. Our Cape Cod resort had so much to offer! We appreciated how close the pools were and that there were both indoor and outdoor. There was a great exercise room if we were up for that...