Owner Advice

As a new owner, you most likely know about the great benefits that owning a timeshare brings—like variety, comfort, flexibility, and pre-paid vacations—but there are some useful tips that come from experience to help make the most of your timeshare. Here are some from owners just like you!


Understand your exchange program.

“Talk to your representative at your exchange company to get a thorough explanation of how exchange works with your timeshare developer. And don’t be afraid to ask the right questions so that you always get what you are looking for!”

Make use of lock-off units.

“If you have a lock-off unit, consider locking it off and using the smaller accommodations when you don’t really need the full space. This can give you extra time for another vacation.”

Just use it!

“The most important tip I could give to another timeshare owner is to simply USE it! Make memories with your family, and get that much-needed time away each year to re-energize.”

Get that villa in Italy…

“…or anywhere else you want to go! Just be sure to plan early and work with your exchange company or developer. If you are looking for a heavily-requested destination, the earlier you can plan the better.”

Bring the whole family!

“A timeshare is the perfect set-up to invite parents, cousins, or close friends. There’s room for everyone and adding people tends to add to the fun!”

Explore your surroundings!

“Even though you will be tempted to never leave your resort, traveling is one of the best ways for kids to learn and for adults to experience new things in life. So go exploring!”

Attend owner events.

“When you are on vacation, be sure to attend the owner events that your resort management holds. It’s a great way to learn more about the people behind the company as well as about any new promotions or items that will make your ownership even...

Take advantage of the amenities!

”Use the pools, the spas, and even the concierge services. This all adds to your vacation experience.”

Start a tradition!
Owners for 1 years

“Now is the time to build those lasting family memories. Find something that your family enjoys doing on vacation and do it every year.”