Making the Most of Your Timeshare

Many owners say that the day they bought their timeshare vacation changed their lives. It made their family closer. It showed them the world of travel. It helped them create special memories they will cherish forever. Now it’s your turn. Learn how to take advantage of all the benefits of ownership.


Don’t be one of the growing number of Americans that foregoes at least part of their vacation each year. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of owning a timeshare is that you are pre-paying for future vacations at today’s prices. You’ll no longer have the excuse of “I can’t afford to go on vacation this year.” Timeshare guarantees regular time away with all the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of vacationing.

Many resorts offer enough on-site activities to keep your travel schedule full. Some host happy hours for owners, while others offer exercise classes, and still others feature on-site activities like painting, sushi-rolling, and more. So, in addition to exploring the local sites and shops, remember that your resort has countless opportunities to create a different experience with each vacation stay.

Now that you’ll be taking (at least) an annual vacation, think about the way you want to make it a part of your family tradition. Take a family photo each year to capture how your family grows and changes through the years. Start a journal and spend time at the end of each vacation writing the best things about that week, so you can look back on it year after year. Host an annual dinner for one of your fellow owner neighbors. Create your own traditions!

Break out of your routine and try to do at least one new thing each time you vacation. See a new site, try a new dinner in your timeshare kitchen, invite friends to experience your timeshare with you, or try a new resort-hosted activity.