Travel-Size Christmas


The best part of holiday vacations is celebrating in your own special way, with your own traditions. But there’s no reason why jetting off to someplace warm means you don’t get to enjoy traditional Christmas celebrations. Or that you have to sacrifice a comfortable and relaxed Christmas morning because you have to get everyone up and dressed in order to make it to breakfast on time.

That’s the perk of having a kitchen in your timeshare! Enjoy the age-old traditions of holiday cookies and spending Christmas morning in your pajamas, all while starting a few new traditions of your own.

Easy Holiday Treats


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(From Cooking Classy)


Christmas Morning Breakfast

Impossibly Easy Breakfast Bake that can feed a crowd!  Make ahead of time over the holidays and enjoy a relaxing breakfast.  Recipe at

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And regardless of where you spend your winter months, hot chocolate is always the right choice.


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Dine Out or Eat In?

“What’s for dinner?”  That’s a tough one, especially when followed by, “or should we just go out?” Fixing a meal on vacation can be easy for some and stressful for others, but the additional cost-savings makes it the choice for many f...