U.S. Economy Lifted by Timeshare Industry

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It’s not only the vacationers that love timeshare—the local cities and towns where timeshare resorts are located love it as well! That’s because it boosts their local economy in so many ways.

For example, timeshare represents:
• $79.5 billion in consumer and business spending
• 511,782 full- and part-time jobs
• $28.1 billion in salaries and wages
• $10.2 billion in tax revenue

Spending by timeshare owners and guests during timeshare stays was estimated at $10 billion in 2015—with approximately $3.4 billion spent onsite at resorts, and $6.6 billion spent offsite in the communities where the timeshare resorts are located.

For more details, check out our infographic and to learn more about vacationing with timeshare, go to www.VacationBetter.org.

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