Vacation Tips From an Expert

At this year’s “The Upside Of Downtime” forum hosted by Project: TimeOff, the audience heard from many great speakers on the value of taking time off. One of the most intriguing was Samantha Brown, who has hosted several different Travel Channel programs including Girl Meets Hawaii and Passport to Europe – and is considered to be a “professional traveler”.

Over the course of the last 13 years, she has traveled to more than 220 cities in 49 countries and 30 American states.  Her philosophy is that if you are going to take time off from work…you should travel!  It benefits everyone: the person taking the vacation, their family and friends, and even their work.

In order to achieve an ‘authentic’ vacation, she offers the following tips:

  • Don’t spend all of your time in the past – Don’t just spend time visiting historic sites or museums, but also experience the culture as it is today.
  • Go for a walk – Spend two hours on a certain day to leave the touristy area and just explore the culture. Walk down streets because they look nice to you or go sit in a local coffee shop. Whatever it is, just go for a walk and explore.
  • The best is never in the must sees, always in the mundane – Do not spend all your time going to ‘top-ten’ areas, but instead lose yourself in the culture.
  • Create a ritual – If you are in a location for multiple days, create a ritual to slow down time and relax, saving time for your other experiences.
  • Talk to locals – They hold the key to what is truly ‘must-see’.

Great tips from a savvy world traveler—and with timeshare resorts all over the world, there are endless cultures you can experience!

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