Welcome Spring with Some Much Deserved Time Off

How great does time off sound? Especially during these final weeks of winter, time off sounds pretty good.  Would you be surprised to learn that taking time off has positive benefits on personal relationships, job performance and your overall well-being?  There has been an ever-growing body of research proving the long-term benefits of taking time away from daily stresses has on different aspects of your life from personal to professional.

The U.S. Travel Association has taken it a step further with the release of a study last year that found an alarming number of Americans fail to use their earned time off:  429 million days of paid time off was left on the table last year, costing the U.S. economy $160 billion in spending.  Reasons for not taking the time included feelings of guilt for leaving work behind or returning to an overwhelming pile of work to be done—both feelings are trigger-points that add stress to daily life.  And, all the more reason why taking time away is so crucial.

To further prove the personal, business, social and economic benefits that taking earned time off can deliver, the U.S. Travel Association recently launched an initiative called Project: Time Off to encourage Americans to do just that—take time to get away. You deserve it and you’ve earned it!

While there is always a reason to postpone taking a vacation, make a commitment to invest in your health, your happiness on and off the job, and re-invest in your relationships.  There is no time like the present to rejuvenate and invest in improving your overall well-being.  The benefits of a vacation today will create memories to last a lifetime.


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