What Does Your Sweetheart Really Want for Valentine’s Day?


Surprise – it’s not flowers!

A recent survey conducted by Research Intelligence Group, Leger shows that mini-vacations/romantic getaways trump flowers, chocolate and dining out for Valentine’s Day!

When asked what they would want to receive this Valentine’s Day, 21 percent of respondents wanted a getaway, and when asked what they hoped to give to their sweetheart, 21 percent indicated the same.

Here’s the breakdown:

The most popular gifts to give on Valentine’s Day are:

  • Mini vacation – 21%
  • Flowers – 15%
  • Chocolate/sweets – 15%
  • Dinner out – 15%
  • Jewelry – 13%

The types of gifts respondent want to receive on Valentine’s Day are:

  • Mini vacation – 21%
  • Dinner out – 16%
  • Chocolate/sweets – 12%
  • Jewelry – 12%
  • Flowers – 10%

So, when you are planning that extra special something for your Valentine this year,  consider your timeshare option! Spark romance at resorts around the world with amazing accommodations for any fantasy retreat, and plenty of rental programs if you’re not already an owner.

There’s nothing better than escaping the daily grind and spending some well-deserved time together with a gift you’ll both appreciate. You can even bring the kids and still have the privacy you want with your Valentine!

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