Who Killed the Summer Vacation? Not Timeshare!


We’re not sure “Who Killed the Summer Vacation?” (Time Magazine cover story, June 1), but we’re am pretty sure we know who didn’tTimeshare Owners.

Simply put, timeshare owners take more vacation than non-owners.  According to the ARDA International Foundation Worldwide Study conducted by Oxford Economics, “Shared vacation ownership owners are significantly more likely to vacation than non-owners. Globally, over 80% of owners vacationed in the past year, compared to only 43% of non-owners. In North America, 83% of owners vacationed in the past year, compared to only 50% of non-owners.”

Here’s why:  a timeshare owner’s vacation is pre-paid.

Not many people will opt not to take a vacation they’ve already paid for.  They’ve placed a high priority on spending time with their loved ones as well as gaining the perspective of a change in routine – a great prescription for mental health, productivity and overall happiness.

Let’s all work hard to take vacation!  It’s an important part of life.

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