Why Cook on Vacation?


You’re probably thinking, the last thing I want to do on vacation is cook. And we don’t blame you. Vacations are about kicking back and finally getting to unwind. They’re about having fun, trying new things, and getting away from what you’re used to. So why take time away from other activities to cook a meal?

But think about why you don’t associate vacations and cooking. Chances are, unless you’re lucky enough to have grown up with timeshare vacations (and we hope you are), you spent a lot of time in hotels, which meant no kitchens. You probably ate every meal out or ordered in room service. That’s the life, right?

Don’t get us wrong—there’s something really magical about a professional chef preparing you a gourmet meal, and even more so when you’re not stuck cleaning the dishes.

But how much did that fancy meal cost? Now multiply that two to three times each day you’re on vacation and watch the dollars add up. Ouch.

So why consider cooking on vacation?

It saves you money. Not every meal has to be fancy or expensive. A bowl of cereal in the morning means you can splurge on dinner without going over your vacation budget.

Flexible meal times. You never miss the freedom of making yourself a sandwich until you’re starving and no one else is hungry. Plus, throwing together a quick snack leaves more time for other activities throughout the day.

Stress less about dietary restrictions. Don’t be limited by your restaurant options. Take control of your meals and don’t feel like you have to eat every meal at the only gluten-free restaurant in town.

Make food part of the vacation experience. Part of vacations is getting to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Cooking with local ingredients or making something you’ve never made before can be just as exciting as exploring a new place. If your vacation is about spending time with loved ones, then invite them to join! (Because who doesn’t love an excuse to make s’mores?)

Cooking on vacation brings families together, offering you the freedom and flexibility to customize your vacation any way you want. That’s why 90% of vacationers said kitchens improved their vacation experience!

And with timeshare, you’ll never again be stuck eating pizza on the bed.

What do you have cooking?

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